Forms and Documents

- The learning objectives or outcomes for general education courses have been pre-determined by Columbian College. Thus, general education assessment reports should be based on how well students are meeting general education objectives using the G-PAC Rubrics.

G-PAC Assessment Templates for reporting your assessment require the following information:

* The learning outcome(s)/objective(s) you are assessing;

* A description of the direct and indirect measures used to assess student learning;

* The evidence used to assess student learning, including a copy of the rubric or method for evaluating the evidence;

* Summary of the findings and what they tell you about student learning; and

* Description of how the assessment will be used to improve student learning in the course.

* Add any additional narrative, figures, graphs, and rubrics as appendices after the table. Rubrics or exam blueprints, etc. should be supplied as appendices to the report.

- Sample assessments from different departments can be found here.

- The university endeavors to provide meaningful feedback on your general education assessment using the General Education Feedback Rubric. The rubric provides a clear indication of the type and level of information required by GW.