General Education Assessment

Nota bene: The terms goals, learning outcomes, and outcomes are all used interchangeably. They represent what you expect students to know and be able to do once they complete the program and/or course.

The University-wide general education requirement engages students in active intellectual inquiry across the liberal art. The requirement includes 19 credits of approved courses in written and oral communication, critical analysis in the humanities, critical analysis in the social sciences, quantitative reasoning, and scientific reasoning including lab. These courses have been vetted by Columbian College faculty to ensure that they address the learning outcomes specific to the learning goals articulated in the “General Education Curriculum for Columbian College,” which was approved by its faculty in 2010 and implemented in fall 2011. In addition, each undergraduate school or college has school-specific general education courses that are designed to meet university goals, and when appropriate, standards set by professional accrediting agencies.

Assessment of general education courses are completed by the faculty and/or department offering these courses. Faculty are expected to assess all learning outcomes within a five year period. A summary of these assessment findings are included in the department’s Academic Program Review, which is completed every five years.