- TaskStream is a portal designed to help programs and departments at GW manage content, resources, and communication for all assessment processes. 

- The portal consists of workspaces that correspond to reporting requirements for courses, programs and departments:

* There is one workspace for each department and program to keep track of the annual assessment reports that are required for GW’s Middle States accreditation.

* A second workspace is designed to fit the Academic Program Review (APR) guidelines and serves as a place to collect, store, and use data required for the department’s APR.

* A third workspace, organized by course, is for the annual assessment of general education (G-PAC) courses.

- Workspaces may be accessed by multiple members of a school, department, or program. Each program determines who has access to the workspace and decides the types of access the person has (e.g., read only, add or edit content).  Please contact Alex Feldman at alexmf@gwu.edu or (202) 994-0933 to set up access for the appropriate persons in your department or program.

- Click here for a Quickstart Guide for Program assessment and click here for a Quickstart Guide for General Education assessment.


To get more specific information about TaskStream at GW, to schedule a demonstration, or to set up an account, contact Alex Feldman at alexmf@gwu.edu or (202) 994-0933.