What is Assessment?

Simply, the assessment process consists of four basic steps:

1. The articulation of learning goals: How do we define a successful student?

2. The alignment of programs with goals:  How well do our programs or course offerings align with our learning goals?

3. The collection of systematic evidence: How do we know if our students meet our definition of success?

4. The use of information to improve: How do we use what we have learned from our gathered evidence to improve our programs and courses?

What We Do

The Office of Assessment...

* Communicates expectations for assessment to academic deans, directors, and department chairs;

* Provides support to faculty in the development of assessment plans and reports;

* Identifies and provides assessment resources, and develops effective assessment structures and processes at the program, college and university level;

* Reviews reports that document the assessment cycle within majors/programs and provides constructive feedback to ensure that all units meet appropriate expectations for assessment.