Creating an Action Plan

Data collection is of little value unless the data are shared at the institutional and program levels and used to improve teaching and learning. The data needs to be used to reevaluate and/or revise the curriculum or individual courses to achieve program learning outcomes. The assessment process is complete only when the information has been used to improve student learning. (Some accrediting agencies refer to this as "closing the loop.")

Assessment results should be discussed at faculty meetings on an annual basis and reported annually. For each outcome that has been assessed, add the actions your program/department is taking in response to the assessment. If the proposed outcomes require a change in courses in the curriculum, then these changes should be entered in the curriculum map for the next year's assessment cycle. It is important to indicate who is responsible for implementing any changes and to include a timeline for the implementation.  

Questions to consider

  • What additional information or evidence is needed to understand how well students are achieving program  goals?
  • How will you use the information to improve student learning?
  • How can the program improve learning more effectively in a time of tight or limited resources?